ClonAR – Easy, Fast & Fun Augmented Reality Content Creation

Just take a snapshot – ClonAR does the rest.

ClonAR is a Proof-of-Concept, very early prototype.
(as is this page)

early prototype capture – proof of concept

The ease of use allows everyone to create holographic avatars in augmented reality in the matter of seconds.

no additional hardware, processing or editing needed.
snapshots in space
reframe and safe picture – or take video
place people, take snapshot

Object Segmentation

ClonARs automatic people recognition creates cut-outs of humans in frame. Snap a pic, then take another one. And another one – you automagically create clones in space.

Automatic Placement

People “stay” where they are. When you take a frame, ClonAR creates a sprite cut-out and places it at the source.

Persistent Content

In combination with the created content is persistend in space and over time. When you open the app at the same location, ClonAR recognizes the space thanks to enhanced world mapping and reloads the original content – take a picture with your past self!

ClonAR is an AR-Content creation app to easily create digital, holographic and permanent copies of people in space.

me, myself and … where is I?

The simplest application is to take a “selfie” with yourself. Or take a picture with a friend – without giving your phone to a stranger.

This snapshot was taken by “us” – we never stood next to each other

A More sofisticated application would be: contemporary witnesses who talk about their history on location.

ClonAR will feature LiDAR & Video capabilities in the next itteration, allowing you to capture performance in space.

Fun applications
Other applications would be integrating the photographer in a group picture. Creating a digital variant of the “mark your heights at the doorframe” by taking a picture every year at the same position. Once you have started the app, it opens up a wast amount of creative use-cases and ideas.

Filters & Emoji
The app allows users to place emoji/digital disguises to further be creative with the captures. Like you would do in a photobooth at a wedding with some paper moustache or new year goggles.
Use facefilters afterwards to creativly enhance the photo/video

Persistent content
SelfAR creates persistent content with the use of SDK. That means, that the content you create is location aware over time.

Custom privacy features ensure the safety of your surroundings data. Visual space computing is only processed on your device and not shared with the cloud.

Map “fingerprints” can be sent to other users, sharing content wihtout actual map data. See documentation for more information on this.

The Tech

Written in Unity, ClonAR uses AR Foundation as a base layer.

  • Body segmentation from the AR Foundation is used to create the digital cutout.
  • Automatic calculation of distance places the sprite in space.
  • Sprites turn towards camera until a certain close distance.

Want to Join?

  • Are you a unity developer?
  • Do you have experience in cloud computing?
  • Inisghts in machine learning or computer vision algorythms?
  • You are interested in Augmented Reality and new ways of human-machine interaction/interfaces?
  • UX-Designer bored with the ever same boxes and buttons?

Any of these fit to you?

We are looking for you!

Be part of this exhilirating project and lay ground for a wast amount of applications to come.
drop us a line – we love to connect.

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